Car Crash Simulator & Beam Crash Stunt Racing
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  •         ☆ Optimized for low-end phones. ☆ Welcome to Car Crash Simulator & Beam Crash Stunt Racing! High-speed car driving is never complete if car crashes do not occ...

Car Crash Simulator & Beam Crash Stunt Racing

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☆ Optimized for low-end phones. ☆ [詳情]

☆ Optimized for low-end phones. ☆ Welcome to Car Crash Simulator & Beam Crash Stunt Racing! High-speed car driving is never complete if car crashes do not occur. Fast speed stunt racing game is experienced by everyone but there are very few fast car driving games in which realistic car crashes & car damage are shown. This car crash stunt racing game is equipped with master gameplay physics and high quality stunt racing accidents. Show virtual driving skills with the different level car crashing and enjoy realistic car damage of luxury cars. You will be surprised to see a varying level of car destruction when you hit something at high speed. At a speed of 100 KPH, you will accomplish 99% demolition. Experience the ultra realistic crashes and car damages with offroad speed bump stunt racing game. The chances of being hit with the opponent car are more as you cross the side lane or go offraod racing. You can prevent car destruction by keeping your speed car in the same lane. Cross speed bumps with high speed to crash with full speed. Not only high speed is the factor involved in a perfect crash, the angle with which your strike hard into the rival car is also important. Maintain high speed on city tracks to dazzle with obstacles. Tilt car with rapid steering on sloppy roads to enjoy dangerous car crash ride. Play various gameplay modes in this stunt driving game such as offroad track racing, artificial obstacle stunt mode and extreme fast city ride etc. You can find yourself in a deadly crash on roadside or New York domestic tracks when you exceed speed limits. Modern fast track endless car crash game provides you the ultimate chance to take the beast out and experience living as a real-life destruction driver. Each track is composed of almost 20 bumps, 10 signals and plenty of vehicle types to crash with such as high roof cars, transport trucks, tractor trolleys and much more. Car crashing missions require different no. of holy crashes to complete the mission. Fall down the sideways to crash into old trees, telephone antennas metal base, or into the green belt to damage your euro car. This brand new idea of 4 wheel drive crashing is basically to add fun to the racing games. High-speed racing with monster crashes is something you never played before but this idea is flourishing very speedily. Drive various luxury cars and sports models to enjoy extremely high speeds being displayed on the car speedometers. You can review your high speed crashes lately after the completion of crashing mission. Boost display is also displayed along with the car speedometer. You can also use the right key left key or a circular steering for cruising speed cars. So what are you waiting for? Get started with the brand new road car crashing simulation game! Car Crash Simulator & Beam Crash Stunt Racing Features: - Realistic Game play with destructible vehicles - 3D vehicle crashes with 3 camera views - Compelling Background music - Drive with variety ofluxury vehicles - Examine crashes in replay mode - Destructible cars with hydraulic hand brake - Experience a Real Accident Simulator - Enjoy the main engine damage and the car crash - Nitro booster for high speed - Dynamic sound of the deadly crashes


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