Building Blocks Learning App
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  •         The Building Blocks app from Akshara Foundation is a FREE learning app that lets children practice math concepts learnt at school, as a set of fun games. It is ...

Building Blocks Learning App

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The Building Blocks app from Akshar [詳情]

The Building Blocks app from Akshara Foundation is a FREE learning app that lets children practice math concepts learnt at school, as a set of fun games. It is designed to work on the most basic-level smart phones, ONLINE and OFFLINE. Mapped to NCF2005 guidelines, it is currently available in 4 regional languages and offers a total of 150+ intuitive math games. Children in schools typically are exposed to math learning for less than 2 hours a week. Moreover, many of them do not have a learning environment at home. This new app provides access to math practice and learning to children from grades 1-5. Key Highlights: ? Designed to reinforce math concepts learnt at school ? A gamified version of the school syllabus – mapped to NCF 2005 themes ? Suitable for children from ages 6-12 (Grade 1 to Grade 5) ? Available in four languages - English, Kannada, Hindi and Odiya ? Is interactive and intuitive ? Strictly adheres to math pedagogy, taking the child progressively through concepts from concrete to abstract. ? Is highly engaging – has simple animations, relatable characters and a colourful design ? All instructions are audio based, to facilitate ease of use ? 6 children can play this game on a single device. ? Has more than 150 interactive activities ? Has a Practice Mode – to reinforce concepts learnt ? And a Challenge Mode – to assess levels of learning ? There are no in-app purchases, up sells or advertisements ? Available FREE of cost ? Works on the most basic-level smartphones, ONLINE and OFFLINE. ? All the games are tested on smartphones with 1GB RAM and also on Android-based tablets Contents of the App include: ? Number Sense - Number recognition, Number Tracing, Sequence, Counting- Forward, backward, missing numbers, before and after number ,Place Value, Fractions - for 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers ? Comparison- Greater than, Lesser than, Equal, Ascending order, Descending order, Number formation - for 1,2 and 3 digit numbers ? Number Operations – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division - for 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers ? Measurements – Spatial relationships - far-near, narrow-wide, small-big, thin-thick ,tall- short, heavy-light ? Length - measure non-standard units and with standard units - in centimetre (cm) and metre (m) ? Weight - measure with non-standard units, standard unit - in gram(g), Kilogram(kg) ? Volume - Capacity - non-standard units, standard unit - millilitre (ml), litre(l) ? Time ? Calendar- Identify parts of the calendar - date, day, year, days of the week, month ? Clock - Identify parts of the clock, Read the time, Showing time ? Elapsed Time - Sequence events of the day


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