BRAIN N MATH | Math and logic puzzle
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  •         BRAIN N MATH offers an elegant and enjoyable math puzzle game and analytical intelligence game for math lovers. A math game based on practical solution and pra...

BRAIN N MATH | Math and logic puzzle

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BRAIN N MATH offers an elegant and [詳情]

BRAIN N MATH offers an elegant and enjoyable math puzzle game and analytical intelligence game for math lovers. A math game based on practical solution and practical intelligence. In BRAIN N MATH math and intelligence puzzle, you can find the essence of the problem with logic hidden in the questions in 150 different levels and reach the result with mathematical operations. The game BRAIN N MATH contains 150 different math test questions where you can train your brain, challenge yourself and improve your math memory while having fun. BRAIN N MATH is a great IQ game and provides a quality brain training. In the BRAIN N MATH math game, different math questions, logic questions, geometric shapes, combined squares, rectangles and circles, number sequences, functions and equation questions are waiting for you. This math puzzle includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponential numbers, logic, equations and sequences of numbers. Only by solving all the math puzzles, you can practice your mind, train your brain in your free time, reinforce your logical approach and practical solutions, and solve your IQ test while you exercise your mind. The BRAIN N MATH math puzzle is designed for players and families of all ages to enjoy together. Math fans will have a wonderful experience in this math puzzle based on numerical intelligence and logical intelligence. In this math puzzle, numbers or shapes are not as they appear, but solve the logic design hidden in the problem and exercise the mind. BRAIN N MATH offers educational games for children and is a great brain game for math lovers of all ages. Game features What will you see in this math puzzle and intelligence game? - When playing a math puzzle in Brain N Math, you must use your memory to solve the questions. Memory development! - In math game you can improve your guessing ability to reach the right solution. Mind exercise ! - You want to challenge yourself? Logic questions can be solved quickly! IQ Game ! - You can train your brain with educational and tutorial logic questions designed for math lovers! Brain training ! - Improve your visual intelligence and your eyesight in geometric and logical intelligence questions created with shapes! - You can consolidate your concentration and attention when calculating mathematical sequences of numbers. Focus! - You can have fun doing mind exercise in your spare time! - You can play for free completely. There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions. - You can see hint or answer when you have difficulty in math game. - Answers are displayed as annotated actions. This way you can see in detail the logic design hidden behind the math question! - Math game does not require internet connection and can be played offline! - Do you like IQ tests? BRAIN N MATH is for you! You will love this new math game between puzzle games, educational games, brain games, logic games and memory games! We care about the opinions of our users in all our games published in the application stores. You can send your comments, suggestions and comments to [email protected] or send us your application comments so that we can continue to improve the game. ATTENTION ! BRAIN N MATH is a free game, some features within the application are available for application ads.


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