assassin ninja origins
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  •         assassin ninja origins:is a new free game, amazing: jump, run and destroyed all kinds of magical enemies, Héron, ninjas, superpower and creatures (scorpions, Se...

assassin ninja origins

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assassin ninja origins:is a new fre [詳情]

assassin ninja origins:is a new free game, amazing: jump, run and destroyed all kinds of magical enemies, Héron, ninjas, superpower and creatures (scorpions, Serpent ...) who try to destroy and attack your familly your boy Khemou and the egypte . Collect the arrows from the Trees and fill them with assassin silk of a egyptian warrior for killing them. You can also meet your wife Aya who can help you and give instructions and advice about how to kill your enemies or maybe if you can find something important in your mission in the city. This beautiful game combines the old school assassin creed with a modern style game for giving you the best 2d game, and you can also collect many coins and the most important diamond to unlock moore levels because in this game ther is moore than 100 lvels and these are your keys to defeat Scorpion mission and save the egypte like all heroes. Make people, survivors, your freinds, aya, and the whole city happy. assassin ninja origins to an amazing game play , you can double jump on the city walls and roofs of buildings to reach many points where you can use your targets (ninja, scorpion, extraterrestrial,legende egyptian monters ...) you can also find the best collection for coins and diamonds. Feel free to try this assassin origins game that offers you to experience a lot of in-game experiences: wild city, rooftops, new and magical creatures, treasures, diamonds, super fights, zombies, robots, -ninja and late hunting. Help the assassin release his bristles properly against enemies and aliens. What are you waiting for is the time of adventure !!!! Characteristics: ? An exciting and easy game ? A great graphic style ? Run, jump or double jump through the walls, swim, swim deeply ? Attack enemies by jumping on them or shooing them ? Different levels with different difficulties ? Amazing arcade style game ? Collect coins to buy items ? Find diamonds so you can finish the assassin mission ? Great experience for all levels ? Super effects and super sounds ? Free and without internet Warning: assassin ninja origins: is an unofficial game, we are not affiliated in any way with other games of a team brand. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Do not forget your comments on our game. Your opinion is interesting.


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