Archers TournamentBow Game
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  •         Welcome to the world of “Archers?Tournament:?Bow?Game”! The newest archery and merge game. Ever wanted to be an archer and become the best of world? Ever want...

Archers TournamentBow Game

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Welcome to the world of “Archers?To [詳情]

Welcome to the world of “Archers?Tournament:?Bow?Game”! The newest archery and merge game. Ever wanted to be an archer and become the best of world? Ever wanted to collect bow & arrow, be a master of bow collecting? Well, you should not miss the new best bow shoot arrow idle game “Archers?Tournament” the anchery filed is awesome and abundant, you will shoot in some different scenes! The archery competition is easy to start, but as your level improves, it will become more and more challenging. You must counteract the effects of wind, aim at the right position, and hit the bullseye accurately. Merge better bows and use them to participate in the tournament. The high-level bow has better arrows to fight the wind and can shoot more power to make the arrow fly faster. Use the best bow that you have. the better bow can let you pass the challenge easily. Merge bows to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your collection positions. You have some collection position. Each bow can be merged with other bows of the same variety to form a better bow. Each bow you collected will earn you money. The better and more bow you colleced, the more you will earn, and the more bows you can purchase. That can push you develop faster. Idle Merge and archery shoot are combined. win the Champion Cup! It is Excited! Game features: ? Easy to get started, click to play! Drag the screen to aim and Shoot the target to win. ? Merge to get better bow &arrow! ? Continuous update! Free Forever! ? Play anywhere, anytime, for fun! ? Play online and offline! No internet connection required! No Wi-Fi required! Merge, aim and shoot with your own collection in game " Archers?Tournament "! Become the God of Bows. Now! Download “Archers?Tournament:?Bow?Game”! Completely free! Start shoot the arrows! You may be the next world champion.


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