Animal Hunting Sniper Expert Safari Shooter
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  •         If you like safari adventure and hunting games. Then it would be the best jungle shooting game for you because jungle animal safari adventure is filled with lot...

Animal Hunting  Sniper Expert Safari Shooter

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If you like safari adventure and hu [詳情]

If you like safari adventure and hunting games. Then it would be the best jungle shooting game for you because jungle animal safari adventure is filled with lots of dangerous wild beasts and lots of thrill hunting missions that you have never before. Be a great safari wild hunter and sharpshooter and target the wild beasts. Forest (Jungle) animal hunting and shooting are the new safari hunting and jungle adventure game and to get new target shooting experience in safari jungle. Which you might be able to get in your life. Hunt the animals in a unique way with fps Sniper Gun, rifle and be the perfect animal shooter. The wild safari jungle(forest) is filled with dangerous animals like Hyena, Tiger, African buffalos, Lion and much more. Be careful while wild hunting African buffalos, Hyena, Tiger, and Lion because they can attack you if your target is missed and take you in the mouth of death. Jungle Animal safari adventure game is filled with action, shooting and hunting the hilarious animals. This safari hunting and jungle adventure with dangerous animal make you feel like you are in the real jungle and you’re a real wild hunter. When you heard the sound of the dangerous animals then you have to alert for shooting and make your aim to kill and shot the most dangerous animal with a target and make a dead shot. You can play this game for the best target of your own ultimate hunting skill because it has increased hunting and thrilling missions. This game now beat all other African jungle animal hunting games is the best game of 2018. Target the deadly lions and bloody tiger with modern weapons. Make sure you are safe from the wild beasts and deadly lions. If you target goes wrong then bloody and deadly lion can attack you and can kill you. Frontier animal safari hunting is best for jungle hunting games for free. You have the best ammunition, best weapons to target and kill the deadly and bloodthirsty wild animal in the wild safari forest and are the safari sharpshooter. Kill and target the entire wild animal like lions, leopards, tigers, and hyena. In frontier animals, the safari hunting game has different thrilling missions and each mission has more deadly and dangerous animals. Wild animal’s safari is the best game for free and you can play in both day and night mode. So Best of luck and enjoy it. GAME PLAY ◆ Select the African animal from Buffalo, Hyena, Tiger, and Loin. ◆ Select the Environment in which you want to play the game. ◆ Select the latest unlocked level for best adventure of hunting animals. ◆ set the aim by holding and moving a finger on the screen. ◆ Press the zoom button for more precise and accurate view of an animal. ◆ Shoot down the animal by pressing the fire button. ◆ Play the game for all animals in day and night for much fun. GAME FEATURES ◆ Realistic & Amazing Jungle Environment. ◆ Amazing and Stunning graphics. ◆ Multiple levels game. Each with a new challenge. ◆ Best Sniper Hunting Game in Jungle of 2018. ◆ Select different animals as targets for shooting. ◆ Amazing FPS Gun Controls for perfect shooting. ◆ Easy Gameplay for enjoying and entertainment. ◆ Realistic Artificial Intelligence. ◆ Ability to Aim and Zoom on the targeted animal. ◆ Hyena, Tiger, and Lion can attack a player. ◆ 6 Level of Each Animal in Day & Night.


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