Animal Daycare: Pet Vet & Grooming Games
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  •         Welcome to the cutest pet care salon and beauty spa for animals! Pet care games with levels offer hours of fun to boys and girls who love animals and dream o...

Animal Daycare: Pet Vet & Grooming Games

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Welcome to the cutest pet care salo [詳情]

Welcome to the cutest pet care salon and beauty spa for animals! Pet care games with levels offer hours of fun to boys and girls who love animals and dream of becoming veterinarians, dog and cat groomers or animal hairdressers! Do you want to take care of your own pet in real life? Learn how to take care of pets properly by playing exciting pet grooming mini games! Animal care games where you can adopt your own pet and take good care of them are the best! Take your pets to the dentist, wash and clean their fur to make it soft, and make sure they are not hungry or sick. A regular visit to the vet clinic is also a must! **Animal Daycare: Pet Vet & Grooming Games** will become your favorite animal salon game for complete animal care and pet spa experience! * 4 adorable animals and 6 different treatments! * Choose the virtual pet you want to care for: dog, cat, monkey, bunny! * Educational and interactive mini games! * Simple to use intuitive controls! * High quality graphics and animations! Provide the best pet care in your grooming salon for animals! Little fluffy pets need your love and care – your super fun tasks in this pet salon game for girls and boys include pet washing, teeth cleaning, as well as providing medical attention when your pets have health issues! Veterinary clinic and pet spa, all in one! Pet care salon – let’s start our adventure in this beauty salon and vet clinic! - Grooming center – firstly, you must take care of nasty mosquitoes and annoying fleas that attack your cute little pets! After that, remove redness and stitch up wounds. - Pet dentist – even your furry friends need to visit a dentist’s office from time to time! Extract black teeth, brush and clean teeth and make their smiles pearly white! - Pet washing – give little pets a nice bath! Soap them up nicely, rinse with water, dry using a real dryer and brush their fur! Pet washing games are so much fun: watch how your pet transforms from a dirty mess to a shiny and clean fluffy animal! - Pet nail salon – the nails of your pet friends are in a bad shape! Take care of their nails and paws, file and clip the nails and put on a shiny top coat! - Pet feeding – your virtual pets need food to grow and be healthy! In our pet feeding mini game, you can prepare a tasty meal for your pet and feed it yourself! - Pet vet hospital – when your virtual pet doesn’t feel well, it is necessary to take them to the special vet clinic and treat them as a real pet doctor! Use realistic medical instruments, such as a thermometer, stethoscope, oxygen mask and X-ray machine! Are you interested only in the best pet care games, with cute animals and interesting animal care tasks? Download **Animal Daycare: Pet Vet & Grooming Games** and start an amazing adventure in the top-quality pet salon games with levels!


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